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Opinion: Qatar World Cup 2022 should be boycotted

In six months the world cup is in Qatar. Qatar is a country located in the middle east, which the capital being Doha, the Arab country. In Qatar, many stadiums for the world cup are built up and many workers were involved in construction, under bad conditions. Over 6500 migrant workers from South Asia died there, and half of them were Indian workers. Also, 6500 is not the number of total death in Qatar. There should be more death if workers from other places from like Africa are included. And that is the main reason why many soccer organizations boycotted Qatar World cup 2022.

They are supporting human rights and criticized Qatar for not respecting human rights and making them almost same as slaves. Also, there is a law called Kafala, which makes migrant workers slavery. Kafala is a system defines the relationship between foreign workers and their local sponsor, or kafeel, which is usually their employer (cfr).

So the problem is they gave too much of jurisdiction to employers, and without the employer’s permission, the migrant workers can not quit their job, or change their job. Also the migrant workers can’t leave the country without the permission of their employer. And many employers abused this law and they didn’t pay for them for working, made the unfair contracts, and even confiscated migrant workers’ passports.

So many people from outside the country protested against this law and criticized FIFA for it. And FIFA and Qatar, who were criticized badly for using the Kafala law, they finally abolished Kafala and guaranteed minimum wages for workers in Qatar. But still, many workers are suppressed and working in harsh conditions, dying from it and didn’t even get autopsied and just marked as a natural death.

So how about giving some attention to these problems and recognizing the seriousness of it, the deaths happened because of the international festivals like World Cup and the Olympics.

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