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"Out of Bounce" Episode 1: Week 15 Recap

Updated: Feb 9

Image by Tom CC-BY

Hello everyone, I’m Tom and I am going to be writing a new series of articles, Out of Bounce. In this series we are going to be covering all the hot topics in the NBA from that week. Plays, stats, news and more all coming from a middle school student. 

This week we kicked off with Tyrese Maxey carrying the 76ers to a win against the Utah Jazz with 51 points. Moving on to sunday and Steph Curry has to request a trade because he just dropped 60 points! Carrying the Golden State Warriors to overtime against the Hawks and still lost! Becoming the third player in 2 weeks to score at least 60 and still lose (Karl- Anthony Towns and Devin Booker both with 62).

The next thing I'm gonna talk about are some news out of the NBA this week:

Doc Rivers, the head coach for the Bucks was named the East coach for the All- Star game. Which in my opinion is kinda dumb, I mean, he only coached a few games for the bucks and they are not even the number 1 team in the east.

One thing you have to know about me is that I am a Philadelphia 76ers fan, so you know that I was so upset when I heard that Joel Embiid is not going to win MVP, I know, I know it's hard to believe a guy that averages 35 points per cant win MVP? Yes, apparently he got badly injured and has to get a surgery, it sucks!

We are going to close thing with my opinion on play of the week:

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