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Overwatch Game Review

Overwatch was the best game in 2016. This game genre is Hyper FPS (FPS: First Person Shooter and tactical based shooter game). Overwatch was made by Blizzard Entertainment. Overwatch can be played on console, or PC, but just to let you guys know the PC version is cheaper than the console version. You can play the Arcade game, Quick play, competitive play and AI game.

First, Quick play is a fun game where you can troll. But in competitive this affects your rank, so you can’t troll in this match. Also your play skill makes your season score, rank and tier. Competitive tier has total 8 tiers, those are: Bronze<Silver<Gold<Platinum<Diamond<Master<Grand Master<Top 500.

If you play Competitive game a lot, you can get competitive points every at the end of the game. Also, you can get points at end of the season by your tier. Competitive scores are also different as tiers: Bronze is 100, Silver is 200, Gold is 400, Platinum is 800, Diamond is 1200, Master is 2000, and Grand Master and Top 500 are 3000 points.

If you collect 3000 points, you can buy one hero’s golden weapon skin. You can buy hero skins, voice lines, victory poses, sprays, emotes and highlight intros. But this is not using competitive points. You use credits or get them from a loot box. If you open a loot box, you can get credits, skins, voice lines, victory poses, sprays, emotes and highlight intros. You can get loot boxes by leveling up. If you level up, you’ll get one loot box.

Every time, you can play arcade game, you can play a different mode. In new year, I played capture that flag, and mystery 1v1 and 3v3. If you are not good at playing with people, you can practice play with AI. AI has 3 levels, those are beginner class, middle class and higher class. You can practice game by levels.

You can play 24 heroes in the game. Before a new character comes out, there were only 23 heroes but after new character Orissa came out, changed to 24 heroes. Blizzard make new maps and new heroes every time. So you can play different maps and different heroes.

There are 4 roles to choose from. Those are attack hero role, defense hero role, tanker hero role and healer hero role. There are total 14 maps, and those are have different types. Assault, escort, hybrid and control maps. If you play overwatch, you can play different modes, different maps, and different heroes. Overall, it is great game to play.

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