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Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Are you excited for the upcoming long break from this Friday (February19th) to next Monday (February 22th)? There sure must be people who are already looking forward to this weekend. However, there must also be students who doesn’t have anything to do or are concerned about what to do on the long weekend. For those

who doesn’t know what to do, here are some suggestions that you could try so you don’t just waste your precious time!

For the first one we have baking! Baking is one of the most classic and simple thing to do-but you should never ignore the fun. Find a recipe you want to try.Then go to a grocery store or a supermarket and get your ingredients. Enjoy your time baking and you could also call a friend which makes it a lot more exciting. Here are some recipes that you might want to try as a beginner!

Chocolate truffles:

Chocolate chip cookies:

Basic plain cookies:

Strawberry tiramisu:

The next thing you could do to spend your long weekend is our all-time favorite -watching Netflix! Netflix is a worldwide movie platform that allows you to spend your own time, watch the movies or dramas that you wanted to watch and just relax.

Here is a list of movies and dramas recommendations for you!

  • [The End of the ******* World]

  • [Sweet Home]

  • [About time]

  • [To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before]

  • [Interstellar]

  • [Titanic]

Lastly, why don’t you try some easy cardio or intense weight training? It would not only help you to increase your physical strength but also would make you feel less depressed, increase your concentration, and improve your blood circulation. After the COVID-19 pandemic started, we had to stay at our house for most of the time.So it is a perfect moment to go grab a bottle of water, lay a yoga mat, and just start exercising.

Here you can choose some workout routines from beginner to advanced.

Advanced fat burning cardio:

This weekend, try out some new, fun, interesting activities to let yourself enjoy the moment and make your day meaningful. Although you could find this too lazy to do, at least it’s way more worthwhile than just laying down and munching chips!

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