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Pool Party!!!!

Photo Credit: Maureen Cullen

The first Friday of the school year was the annual full middle school pool party, and the weather was great. The best thing was that we got some new really giant floating tubes!

Even though we weren’t supposed to flip people, a few teachers *ahem* Mr. Currey, Mr. Al Moreno *ahem* flipped my tube. Students were trying how many people could ride a tube at once. I was only able to get three people at once, but some of the groups were able to pile on five people at the same time!

Photo Credit: Maureen Cullen

One thing I wish would have been better was how many 8th graders came. If more 8th graders came, it would have been more fun. I didn’t want to go to the pool party, but Mr. Fumi assigned me a hard homework: It was come to the pool party, so I had to cancel my tuition class! But when I went to the pool party, it was actually fun.

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