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POP Field Trips Make 8th Graders Cry

While 7th graders went to Aanchal School this Wednesday, the 8th graders went on their POP field trips. If you are a 7th grader, you might not know what POP is. So here’s a brief- POP is a lot of work in which you explore different aspects of India. Guys, watch out for next year. Anyway, in the process of this exploration, we had field trips. Each person has different topics, so we had 6 different field trips to try and cover them all. Every field trip had funny people, annoying people, the-know-it-all type of people, and friends. So except the super long rides, traffic, and hot weather, it was pretty fun. We met with lot of Indian people who only spoke Hindi, so make sure you have friends that speak Hindi, or you might just feel like you went all the way to meet them, only to see there mouths move. You get to see a lot of dirt, garbage, mosquitoes, tobacco, and cars passing just inches from you. But you also get to meet the people you are talking about in your POP papers. TIP: If you don’t have enough evidence, make sure you take videos on this trip. I did not write this to stress you out about safety or workload. The trip was fun too. Some kids even got to see people hurdling into metros, slums, child labor, schools, and protests. All I can say is that 7th graders, you are going have a adventurous and hopefully fascinating year ahead.

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