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Post-it Surprise!

“When you get out, look at your lockers”. Those were the words, ominously spoken by the teachers, that put us all on high alert. In the hallway the kids in front of me started to chatter. “Wooow.” The lockers were covered with post it’s with messages on them from the 8th graders.

The messages were very surprising to all of us, “How didn’t we hear them?” we all asked. Confusion started to cover the crowd.  The messages read “good job”, “keep it up” etc.These encouraging and warm words excited us. They also kept us motivated for the rest of the day and beyond. But it still remains a mystery to us how they managed to write so many messages and post them on our lockers without us hearing them.

During lunch, most of the kids were talking about the messages on their lockers and how it made their day. We all went to class with a smile on our face and gratitude for teachers and 8th graders. The 7th grade lockers don’t look as beautiful anymore a few days later. Thanks 8th graders and teachers.

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