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Prem Talk Matchday 23

Updated: Feb 22

Photo from Creative Bloq CC-BY

We apologise for the delay but without further due:

Welcome to Prem-Talk where we talk about what's happening in the English Premier League this week. 

Looking Back:

As we approach the conclusion of another eventful matchday, let's swiftly glance at the transpired events in our marquee clash! The highlight encounter (Aston Villa vs. Sheffield United) featured a decisive battle between two prominent football clubs, resulting in a comprehensive triumph for the visitors with a scoreline of 5-0. Now, let's delve into the pivotal moments of the match. It was a solid thrashing for the Blades with a disallowed goal making all hope lost. 

MOTM: Youri Tielemans

As It Stands:

 Liverpool remains at the top of the table with Arsenal and Man City not far behind. As we approach the end of the season, it will be interesting to see what happens now.

Looking Forward:

  • Man City vs. Everton (10th February)

  • Wolves vs. Brentford (10th February)

  • Fulham vs. Bournemouth (10 February)

  • Tottenham Hotspur vs. Brighton & Albion (10th February)

  • Luton Town vs. Sheffield United (10th February)

  • Liverpool vs. Burnley (10th February)

  • Nottingham Forest vs. Newcastle (10th February)

  • West Ham vs. Arsenal (11th February)

  • Aston Villa vs. Man United (11th February)

  • Crystal Palace vs. Chelsea (13th February)

Leave a comment on which match you are excited about!

TDM's Top Game

Every Matchday there are 10 fixtures and our top pick for this week is Aston Villa vs. Man United (11th February). We are choosing this one as our game of the week because not only is there a substantial amount of Man United supporters but also a club which has a cycle of losing, losing and losing until a sudden victory and Ten Haf gets to keep his job then another victory and right when the Red Devils think they are in the clear, the cycle restarts. Aston Villa has been doing surprisingly well this season and has shown outstanding courageousness in some of the more difficult matches.

Due to technical and logistical difficulties, there will be no Prem Talk Matchday 24 and 25

That’s all for the Matchday 23 recap, we’ll see you next time at the end of  Matchday 24.

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