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Premtalk-Matchday 10

Hello and welcome to Premtalk where we talk about what’s happening in the English Premier League.

Looking Back:

The past games in Matchday 10 showed some interesting and unprecedented results. Due to fall break there was no article published for Matchday 9 hence no TDM top pick. Chelsea, after their surprising form against Arsenal, lost 0-2 to Brentford. Tottenham won against Crystal Palace 1-2. Arsenal slaughtered Sheffield United scoring 5 goals against the team at the bottom of the table with Nketiah scoring a hatrick. Bournemouth beat Burnley 2-1. Wolves and Newcastle are tied 2-2. Everton beat West Ham 1-0 surprisingly after a goal in the 51st minute put them ahead. Brighton tied to Fulham 1-1 after an early goal in the first half put Brighton in front but another goal, this time from Fulham in the second half tied the score. Aston Villa won 3-1 against Luton Town, Liverpool won 3-0 against Nottm Forest and Man City won against Man United 3-0 as well.

As It Stands:

Tottenham and Arsenal stand at the top of the table in first and second. Tottenham are two points ahead of the Gunners and Man City, the team that looked unbeatable at the start of the season now dropped to third, but they’re still in the fight as they’re tied for points with Arsenal. Chelsea, after a short showing of form, are in eleventh again after they lost to Brentford. The relegation spots are filled by Burnley, Luton Town, and Sheffield United.

Looking Forward:

Matchday 11’s fixtures include the following:

Fulham vs Man United (4th Nov)

Brentford vs West Ham (4th Nov)

Man City vs Bournemouth (4th Nov)

Sheffield United vs Wolves (4th Nov) Burnley vs Crystal Palace (4th Nov)

Everton vs Brighton (4th Nov)

Newcastle vs Arsenal (4th Nov)

Nottm Forest vs Aston Villa (5th Nov)

Luton Town vs Liverpool (5th Nov)

Tottenham vs Chelsea (7th Nov)

TDM Top Pick

The TDM Top Pick for the best match is Tottenham vs Chelsea, the London derby will be an interesting match to watch as both teams have a strong history.

That’s all for this edition of Premtalk.

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