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Remembering Mr. Graham

We all knew Mr. Graham as an energetic, fun teacher, but he was so much more than that. Mr. Graham was an amazing person who lived a very full life. He traveled all over the world, taking photos wherever he went. From underwater photos while scuba diving to drone photos in Indonesia, Mr. Graham was an amazing photographer. He lived one of the most exciting lives you can think of.

Unfortunately, Mr. Graham passed away over winter break. He was a beloved teacher. When the sad news came, I'm sure we all felt like someone important had left us. Everyone who had a class with him certainly has great memories of him. These were some of his students favorite memories of him

Arini Grade 7 - “We were all at fort frenzy, and he was taking photos of us and cheering us on.”

Rishaan Grade 7 - “My favorite memory of Mr. Graham is he would always help me when I had a question, and if I didn't understand something, he would explain it to me very clearly.”

Arjit Grade 8 - “When we did light painting, Mr. Graham helped us and gave us compliments on our work.”

Hadley Grade 7 - “When he would share his photos with the class, everybody would be amazed that he took those photos because they were amazing.”

Evan Grade 8 - “My family and I went with Mr. Graham to Corbett Tiger Reserve, and that’s when I learned just the beginning of how amazing his life was. That tied with the many times that he would let us work and he would just watch American football, and it was the funniest and most chill thing. This is just the start of why I loved him so so so much.”

Everyone who had a class with Mr. Graham agrees that he had many great qualities that made him a wonderful person. These are his student's favorite qualities about him.

Raghav Grade 7 - “He was extremely nice, and he let you do what you wanted to when you were done with the work he had given. Also, he was never strict.”

Arini Grade 7 - “He always made us smile and laugh, and no one got bored in his class.”

Arjit Grade 8 - “How energetic and happy he was. Even if he was in a bad mood, he would make everyone very happy.”

Hadley Grade 7 - “He was always happy to help us and was always in a good mood.”

Lynne Grade 7 - “I liked that he was so nice to me and that he was full of Joy; he was happy every time I saw him; he was a great photography teacher

Evan Grade 8 - “He was the most kind and goofy person, always trying to help and making us learn in the best way.”

Harrison Grade 7 - “He was nice to the class and funny”

Mr. Graham was a fantastic teacher, and we all miss him. He had a great semester at AES. From teaching students, taking photos at events, and taking photos of local culture, I’m sure he enjoyed his time here. We all wish that he could have had more time here at AES.

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