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Schedule Changes

A long weekend. MAP testing. Rotating Wednesdays. All resulting in confused students.

The schedules have been changing a lot recently, ending in uncertainty, students not knowing where to go. After a five-day weekend, ASA’s were on, then off, and then on again. No one knew if it was blocks 1-4 or 5-8, or if Wednesday was short. Everything was changing, contradicting statements being made by teachers.

With the other two MAP tests coming up, students are still confused about the new schedule and expect to wing it the day of- hopefully ending up in the right place.

With the changing Wednesday schedules, people frequently forget where to go and what classes they have. It used to be easier when you would have classes ‘1234’ the previous day and ‘5678’ the next, but now you have to remember your lessons from last week instead of what you had the day before. And if you have a bad memory, you rely on people who have the same classes as you.

Of course, some students may think the schedules are incredibly complicated, and some are easy, so here are two other students’ opinions.

“I think [the schedule] can be confusing if you’re super used to the normal one. I find out about them in the student bulletin, but I look at it once and don’t really get it into my head. If they made it closer to the normal schedule it would be easier to memorize. If I don’t know my schedule, I ask the nearest teacher; if that doesn’t work, I just leave school. I dismiss myself. I get mixed up with [MAP] testing on Monday and Tuesday because those are usually normal schedules. However, on Wednesday, you normally have rotating schedules, and it’s not a set schedule, so you get adjusted to changing your classes.” -Jihong

“In my experience [with the changing schedules] yesterday, I was so confused, I went to my normal class instead of the testing one. I check the bulletin at the start of every block, but my classes are muscle memory, and when it changes, it’s chaos. I think that the schedules were confusing when there was a special event, and that might bring people confusion. Some advice could be making sure you know [where] to go at the right time, read the announcements, and check the schedule when you know there’s a change coming up. I hope people don’t get lost on the upcoming special schedule dates. I think Wednesdays are OP. It’s one of the reasons I love school, and the schedules are easy to remember. Sometimes I’ll forget which blocks I have, but I can just ask someone. If the break ends, a teacher tells you. If the class ends, a teacher tells you. The timing doesn’t matter, and I can usually remember what blocks I have.” -Paul.

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