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Shanti Concert

Last Thursday, AES opened its doors for the Shanti Concert where many of students played their instruments and sang in the choir.

The evening had many different kinds of music such as YMCA and a Lady Gaga hit mix.

One of the highlights was when Intermediate Band played the song YMCA. Most of the audience danced while the song was played. Mr. Al Morena was one teacher who came to support the students and said, “I really thought that the choir was angelic. I loved the variety of band and I also very much enjoyed the YMCA!” It was fun for the performers too.

“I really enjoyed it and I was expecting people will squeak since it’s the beginning of the year but they did such a good job!” — Ms. Dunmire

It was a really fun evening concert played by students. Thank you to all who attended the concert. 

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