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Shanti Concert and MS Showcase 2022

Every year we have a concert at end of every semester. It includes 6,7, and 8th-grade students. And there are 2 concerts: the Shanti concert and the MS showcase. The difference between those two concerts is that the Shanti concert is only for parents, so students can’t watch the concert before it is their turn to play. And MS showcase is for everybody in middle school, including teachers and


In November we had a Shanti concert. All of the parents came to see their child playing an instrument or singing a song. The concert started at 5:00 pm and ended at 8:00. The order was Choir, Guitar, Strings, and Band. They played music for their parents, for example, the intermediate band played ‘Celtic Air and Dance’ and ‘I got rhythm’.

On December 13th, we will have an MS showcase. There will be a different song in classes, like intermediate, the ‘Uptown Funk’ will be added, and to the beginning band, ‘Mythos’ will be added. And for the MS showcase, there will be a special schedule for Tuesday. Here’s the link: (Special Schedule). Like it is shown on the schedule, there will be a concert in the afternoon for students, teachers, and staff, and in the evening, there will be a concert for parents.

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