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Should You Go To the Middle School Play?

Should you go to the middle school play? Yes, of course you should, and just in case you need an excuse here are 30 of them.

  1. Because you don’t enjoy entertainment.

  2. Because you don’t enjoy laughing.

  3. Because you would rather stay at home eating an apple for three hours.

  4. Because you prefer contemplating life.

  5. Because you don’t want to see your friends be amazing in a play.

  6. Because you prefer crying out your eyes in misery.

  7. Because you like your bored, sad life.

  8. Because you like to miss out on amazing plays.

  9. Because all the tickets are sold out… (Disclaimer! The tickets are not sold out).

  10. Because you prefer watching life pass by, out your window.

Photo credit: Maureen Cullen

  1. Because you like doing #Idon’twanttohavefunattheplaywithmyfriends and #Iwanttolookonmyphoneallday.

  2. Because you would rather kick a ball repeatedly than go to a hilarious play.

  3. Because you will miss your helicopter ride home.

  4. Because Beyoncé is helping you with your homework.

  5. Because you are too busy getting run over by a car playing Pokemon Go.

  6. Because you have a baloney sandwich to eat???????

  7. Because your teacher told you, you couldn’t (Disclaimer! Your teacher actually encouraged you to go)

  8. Because you’re going to be sick on Wednesday.

  9. Because you are scared that Donald Trump will build a wall around the theater

  10. Because penguins poked you with their beaks which injured your leg, forcing you to walk with a distinctive limp which just won’t do for play-watching.

Photo credit: Maureen cullen

  1. Because you don’t like top quality acting.

  2. Because you are actually a secret agent on a mission to save a banana from human destruction.

  3. Because Dumbledore sent you a letter to go to Hogwarts and you don’t want to miss sorting day.

  4. Because there are bad omens on Wednesday.

  5. Because you are allergic to incredible performances.

  6. Because you are scared a meteorite is going to crash onto the theater.

  7. Because Ms. Rogers scares you. (Disclaimer! Ms. Rogers is not scary!)

  8. Because you are getting a lightsaber for your birthday and you need to control the force.

  9. Because you are waiting for the new update for clash royale.

  10. Because you have to make a list of 30 reasons not to watch the middle school play. (Disclaimer! The list is finished so you can go!)

Photo credit:Maureen Cullen

Please go to the play. There is no reason why not to go. Have fun and go to the play!

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