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Student Exit Interviews: Part 1

This year, 25 students are leaving us and are going to various countries around the world. Over the next week, we will publish these interviews for those students who will be leaving. Down below are 5 of the interviews.

Mia, Grade 7

"My experience at AES in 5 words would be friends, happy, home, caring, & helpful. I hope people here remember me for being someone they can talk to if they need help."

Zoya, Grade 8

"I have been at AES for 3 years and if I had to describe it in a few words, I would say fun, exciting, and funny because all the teachers and students here are so nice and we've had a lot of good laughs. I'm sad that I have to leave all of these memories. People might remember me as funny, and positive, but they will definitely remember me as crazy. I'm gonna be moving to Rome and I'll be going to this school called St. Stevens. Hopefully, I'll have a good time. What I really need to say is thank you to all my friends for always being there with me and hopefully we'll keep talking after I move."

Ellen, Grade 7

"My experience at AES has been fun, memorable, exciting, engaging, and unique. I hope people will remember me by my height. Next year I will be in DC."

Wiktoria, Grade 7

"My experience in AES was fun, cheerful, new, interesting, and great. I hope people will remember me by texting. I will be in Poland next year."

Shreya, Grade 6

"I have only been at AES for six months but I've had a really good time. It's a really tight-knitted community and everyone has been super inclusive. I would describe AES as fun, authentic, complicated, diverse, and quite remarkable in general. I hope that my friends remember me as someone who had a strong but reserved personality and was a good friend. I hope my teachers remember me as a person who brought interesting topics to the class. I will be going back to New York City which I am excited about but I will miss the friends I made at AES and all my family that is in India. Overall, I would say I had a really great experience at AES and it's a really great place."

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