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The 2021-22 yearbook survey

As you know Semester 2 is about to end in about 2 ½ months. So in the end, we will create yearbooks for the end of the year. And to make the yearbook interesting, we need everyone's opinions about 2021 and 2022.

What can you expect from this survey? This survey will ask for your name, your grade, etc but this survey will have either multiple-choice questions or checkboxes. If you are lucky you might end up in the yearbook.

Image By Arjit Aggarwal CC-BY

There are some reasons why we need to fill out the form. This is just for the yearbook, however, we can know your hobbies or interests and help you to enjoy school more. We can write about students’ total interests, hobbies, thoughts, and feelings this year and make statistics to help you in any way. This is why you can join the survey anonymously (we recommend writing your name). We are going to try in many ways to help you to enjoy the school more with the data that you filled out.

So remember to fill out the survey and be honest. Click me to fill out the form

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