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The DM Cricket Pickit Challenge

The 11th edition of the Indian Premier League has finally started and everybody has been waiting for this for a pretty long time. The Direct Message has started a new contest called the “Cricket Pickit Challenge” where The Direct Message picks out a weekly IPL match and let the readers choose the winner of the match.

The Rules:

If your vote is correct, you win one point and your name will be on a google spreadsheet where you can see the standings. Also, if your vote is correct for the next match, you get 2 points as this becomes your winning streak!

For Example:

Mr. Babcock correctly picks this week’s winning team. He gets one point.

Next match, he correctly picks again…very clever, Mr. Babcock. He gets TWO points for that win.

The third match he misses the pick. He is awarded zero points.

The fourth match he is right again, but he only gets one point since his streak is broken.

Vote Below Now!

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