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The Making of Shrek, The Musical

Woah! Shrek, The Musical is a month and a half away and you might be wondering what is taking so long.  Well, there is so much work that must be done to make the show great. It would be so cool to know what’s going on backstage, right? Today is your lucky day because this article is all about just that – the behind the scenes work of a musical. Hopefully, you’ll get pumped up to see the play by reading.

The design and technical theatre team are a huge part of making this show successful. The best part is that Mrs. Rogers is letting the students make the decisions. Some decide how the costumes look, some plan the set design and the others make the props. One student in the class, Carrie, found a fur coat and sewed it onto a shirt for the blind mouse.

The costume designs have been completed, so design team is now moving on to make-up; it has to be very detailed and realistic. With only a few weeks left to decide everything before it’s too late, all the pressure is on them (especially the makeup artists that have to do the quick transformation of Princess Fiona into Ogre Fiona in 45 seconds!!!!).

All of the students are putting so much work so that the play is successful, but it’s worth is as Nikita said, “Time goes by when you’re having fun.”

One challenge in the class is getting the necessary supplies. Unfortunately, Amazon isn’t the option here (sigh). Why? Because Mrs. Rogers has to go in person and check out the material to make sure it the right shade and texture.

I wish I could give you more details – but I can’t . . . it’s a secret. Just like how Fiona can’t tell Shrek that she becomes an Ogre after sunset. Sorry for ruining it for you if you have no clue what Shrek is, and eventually you’ll find out anyway like Shrek did. By that I mean when you watch the play on March 20th & 21st

So stay tuned with The Direct Message for more information about Shrek the musical.

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