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The Most Common Personal App …

The school year is almost over, and for me (and all the other seventh gradeers), that means we will soon be entering eighth grade. There are a few differences between eighth grade and seventh grade – mainly things like POP and the first pick of electives.

But for me, eighth grade has always been about the personal apps.

Being able to download completely non-educational apps from the App Store begins to close the rift between “school iPad” and “personal iPad.” So I thought that it would be interesting to figure out what are the most common personal apps, and I also hope that I am not the only one who would be interested in it.

Sure enough, with a little help from Ms. Cullen, I was able to figure it out. So here you are, the top five most downloaded personal apps by eighth graders:

5th Place: Facebook

Facebook was the first social media site and basically sparked all other social media. Although not as used as many other social media apps, Facebook will always be a favorite. It is used by 26 of the 100 eighth graders at AES.

“Facebook is much more popular with high schoolers, so I mainly have it just to communicate with them.” – Jaden Cilliers, eighth grader

4th Place: Clash Royale

With more than a hundred million downloads worldwide, this fast-paced game is on the iPads of 29 eighth graders. It was chosen as the iPhone game of the year by Apple for 2016.

“I have it, but not on my school iPad.” – Sagar Castleman, seventh grader

3rd Place: Pinterest

Some people may say that this doesn’t count because most people got this in sixth or seventh grade from Art or some other elective, but I counted it since it isn’t strictly educational. 39 % of eighth graders have Pinterest on their iPads.

“I occasionally use it to look up cool stuff, but frankly, I have it because I’m too lazy to delete it from seventh grade.” – Neha Kaul, eighth grader

2nd Place: Snapchat

With more than half of the eighth grade having it on their iPads, this popular social media app has definitely made its break since when it was first released five years ago.

“I deleted Instagram to get Snapchat.” – Harshita Jain, eighth grader

1st Place: Instagram

According to a study conducted in 2016, Instagram is the most used social media app, with 73% of responding internet users in the US between the age of 13 – 23 having it. At AES, 54 eighth graders have it on their iPads.

“I have Instagram to share my horse-riding experiences.” -Sophie Rah

As you can see, many seventh graders are already getting these personal apps, though (hopefully) not on their school iPads. Besides these, many more are already looking forward to eighth grade, the year of personal apps!

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