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The New Games in the Library Are Fantastic, and This is Why

Updated: May 26, 2023

Photo by Cooper CC-BY

Many people don’t know that the library recently got five new board games at the beginning of this semester. But why should you even play board games, to begin with? Here’s what a couple of students had to say.

“I think they’re [board games] pretty cool, they’re fun, and they’re nice to play.” - Owen, Grade 8

“I love board games. A lot of people look at board games as monopoly or game of life. But I think that board games can be so much more than that and more complicated. Along with a lot more interesting ideas or strategy involved to the point where they can invite a lot of people into the realm where there are many different varieties of board games.” - Jai, Grade 9

“I love board games! I think it’s a great way for a group of people to come together and connect.” - Dr. Faze

I was excited to see these games come to the library, and I was not the only one. Here’s what other people had to say about them.

“I think it’s [the board games] a very nice addition to the library’s overall space because you can spend your time in the library in a different way.” - Nikolas Grade 8

“I think it’s a very interesting system, I’m kinda sad they don’t let you take them home, but it makes sense because they’re kinda expensive and people could sell them or steal them, or keep them. But I think it's a really interesting system, and hopefully, it will grow over the years.” - Owen Grade 8

“It makes me happy to see students taking the time to connect with one another and play games in the library.” - Dr. Faze

These board games can be found at the circulation desk. Just ask the librarians, and they’ll happily hand them to you. These games have to stay in the library but are available to play anytime the library is open. But what are each of the games about? Let's take a look at each of them. And if there’s a game you’re interested in that you don’t see here, you can fill out this request form provided by the library, and they’ll look into getting it.

Happy Little Dinosaurs

Photo by Cooper CC-BY

In Happy Little Dinosaurs, you are a dinosaur trying to avoid disasters and either be the last dinosaur left or the first one to reach the end of your path. A full how-to-play video can be found here.

Although games can last longer, 10 minutes is not an uncommon play time, and this is a fast game to set up and learn. This is a great game to play during breaks.

My family got Happy Little Dinosaurs when we moved to India, and we have played countless times since. It is an adorable and sarcastic game that always makes me laugh. I highly recommend this game; it’s always a great time.


Photo by Cooper CC-BY

Fort is a deckbuilding game where you want to create the best friend group and fort. Your goal is to gain the most points using these friends’ abilities. A full how-to-play video can be found here.

A game of Fort will last around 30 minutes, making it a good game to play during lunch or after school.

I have played Fort a couple of times, and it’s a very interesting game. There’s a lot of player interaction with many interesting mechanics. This is a fun game that I enjoy playing.

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

Photo by Cooper CC-BY

Deception is a murder mystery game with some similarities to Mafia. You are trying to solve a murder case, except the murderer is one of the players. One player knows the solution and can only give set clues to the players, to help them figure out who the murderer is and which two of their cards were used. A full how-to-play video can be found here.

A game of Deception will also take around 15 minutes, meaning it is another good game to play during lunch or after school.

I have played Deception a couple of times. You need a larger group for it to be fun, but it’s a fun game. I love the mystery element and always have a good time trying to figure it out.


Photo by Cooper CC-BY

In Evolution, your goal is to adapt your animals to eat the most food over the course of the game. By attaching different traits to your animals, you gain different powers, which can help you or hurt your opponents. A full how-to-play video can be found here.

A game of Evolution will take closer to an hour, meaning this would be a better game to play after school.

Something I love about Evolution is that every game of evolution is different because you have to adapt to the current situation. I’ve had a different experience every time, but I’ve always had a good time playing.

“I’m looking forward to playing Evolution because it looks really fun.” - Nikolas Grade 8


Photo by Cooper CC-BY

Scythe is an alternate history game set in 1920s Europa. You control one of five factions and are up against the others to fight for dominance. Scythe is a complex game, and a full how-to-play video can be found here.

Scythe can take up to two hours, potentially longer if it’s your first time. A good time to play this one is on Wednesdays right after school because you have two and a half hours to play until the library closes at five.

I have yet to play Scythe, but I am very excited to do so! It looks like an interesting game with lots of strategies. I hope to try this one soon.

“I’m trying to learn Scythe; that's a pretty cool one they have here.” - Owen, Grade 8

“I’m definitely looking forward to playing Scythe.” - Jai, Grade 9

“I haven’t played any of the new games yet, but after seeing the setup of Scythe and the number of pieces involved, I’m very intrigued.” - Dr Faze

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