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The Track and Field Meet

On Thursday, February 23rd, there was a track event held on the tiger turf. With around 20-25 MS students on either the black or gold team, they had to compete for victory, victory for their team. How did they have to do that? Well on each event, there was a black team a gold team and for the boys the vivekananda team, a community school, each event they would win, they would receive points.

Individually each participator wanted to win the event and get a gold medal or even break a previous record, Although soem records did happen, 4 records were broken that evening, which were: Boys 200 meter dash by Aadit Jain, Boys discus throw by Liam Nelson, Girls 800 meter by Amaya Malik, and lastly Ellen White who tied the High jump record.

The event went well with what we know, the vivekananda team lost every event but the made a very big effort for each and every event. Everyone tried their hardest on each and every event and some people took risks of trying events that they had never done before.

The track and field meet overall went superior, and we hope for more middle schoolers next year. We hope that all of you guys come out and try it, and 7th graders can do MESAC next year and 8th graders. So come on and try something new and have fun!

Special thanks to the coaches: Ms.Sethi and Mr. Shekar who organized the event and the parents and high schoolers who helped be timers and measure.

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