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Top 10 Summer Holiday Visits

With the summer holiday coming up, we had to write about the best destinations to go to in the summer. We will be suggesting the countries and things you can do in the country. I recommend reading the number one last because we have a lot of other fun things to do

10. Portugal- Lisbon

The summer break is a perfect time to go on a new and exciting journey to Portugal. In Lisbon, you can go to Hotel Inn Rossio which is close to a lot of fun things to see. If you want to see a good Zoo I Recommend going to the Lisbon zoo, but remember to bring water because it can get hot in the summer.

9. South Africa- Cape Town


Summer break in Cape Town is somewhere you would want to go, it has some of the most beautiful sunsets ever to see in a lifetime. When you go you should try their beef(it is called Biltong) There are a lot of fun things you can do in Capetown like scuba diving and you can even eat dinner in the sky! You can watch concerts and people dancing, You can eat good food and you can visit nice places. Plus in CapeTown you can book some good hotels there some hotels come with a pool, You can go to devils peak which is on top of a mountain, and take some good pictures! If you decide to go to Capetown I hope you have fun!!!

8. UK-London

In South Africa it might be great but think of going to London must be better. You can go to the Hotel Strand Continental it is close to the London eye, it is a great thing to check out because you get a great way of the city. If you are a comic book reader you would like the comic book museum the cartun museum

7. Greece-Athens

Athens is a huge city that is full of surprises and where you can have much fun if you go there for summer break, lemme tell you some things you can do in Athens Greece. One thing you can do is pack yourself some swimming clothes and goggles to go to the Edem beach, the Edem beach is beautiful because while you're at the beach you can also see the big city behind you. some other things you can do is go the acropolis museum and look at stuff from thousand of years ago there are lots of fun things to do in Athens.

6. Australia- Sydney

In Sydney, you can do everything from visit the opera, pet kangaroos, go to an exciting aquarium, or if you are more about animals on land, you can go to the Taronga Zoo. At the opera, you can see an exciting play and study the architecture of the opera. At Bondi beach, you can lay down and relax in the sun or swim in the ginormous waves. These waves are great for playing around and surfing but watch out for dangerous sea snakes and too big waves. In Kanguru park, you can pet the animals but hold your peanut bags because they might try to steal them. At the aquarium, you need to test the glass tunnel under a shark tank, and the might be a slide for your family to take; on this slide you can get a grate lock at the penguins. The aquarium might be great, but if you like life on land better you can visit the Taronga zoo where you can find giraffes. If you need a place to stay I recommend going to hyde park hotel or the 28 hotel they lie close to the sea and have a lot of fun things to do near Hyde park in and 28 hotel

5. Italy- Rome

Going to Rome for summer break would be a good choice because you can visit amazing places like the colosseum where people fought a long time ago, there is a nice hotel called the Radio hotel it is about 3 kilometers from the colosseum. If you are filing a bit hungry you can go to a local pizza place named La Prezzemolina about 400 meters from the colosseum

4. Norway-Oslo

Italy may be the perfect place to go to but Norway is a bit cooler so you don't have to worry about getting dehydrated. Oslo is a great place to go to during the brace, the temperature is excellent and you can find a lot of good seafood. If you go to Oslo make sure to visit the Vigeland park, By taking the metro number 12 you can get there in no time. You can also go to the best burger place in Oslo called kverneriet you can find it on soli on soli you can also go bowling on soli bowling if you feel a bit hungry after bowling don't worry there is a pizza place on top of the bowling.

3. USA- Hawaii

In Hawaii today you can go to the beautiful hotel named Hilton Waikoloa village. In this hotel, you can go to the beach or you can swim with dolphins and have tons of fun in this Hawaii kalua pork is really good it's good with salt on it but dont eat too much of that kalua pork. The beach in Hawaii is just a beautiful sight it has palms tree that is hard to see in India so you can see a whole bunch of palm trees, but you can also go see a volcano that is actually rare to find like anywhere but in Hawaii you can see it easily and you can take some pictures of it as well.

2. France- Paris

In Paris known as “the city of love” is somewhere you can go for summer break and have tons of fun, So I'm gonna show you some of the fun things you can do. The first thing you can do is visit the Eiffel tower it's a beautiful tower but seeing the Eifel tower at night is really beautiful, and you can see the whole city in shining lights. You can also take yourself on a sunset cruise where you can be in a boat and you can eat great food you can drink soda or water and wine for adults, Thats something you can do, make sure to check paris out if you wanna go here for summer break.

No. 1 Singapore

There are so many options for you to pick from, but in Singapore, you can have lots and lots of fun like visiting the fly park observation deck, and close by, you can find a garden by the bay. If you want to see some exotic animals, you should go to the Singapore zoo or take a ride in the Singapore flyer. You can go to the china town, but I recommend going to the Sentosa island. For gardens by the bay, you can see a lot of plants and trees by the huge bay you can take pictures and remember what you saw when you went to the Singapore garden. In the Singapore zoo, you can see a whole bunch of cool and scary animals, You can see big tigers that you have never seen before and if you get hungry while you're walking around the zoo, you can go to ah meng bistro and get something to eat while your there. By the way, I forgot to tell you where you can stay while you are in Singapore, You should go to the raffles hotel in Singapore it's just a huge hotel that is really fun let me tell you why there is a buffet where you can eat as much as you like when you get hungry in Singapore, you can go to a hotel that's on top of the hotel, you can have so much fun in this hotel. Now let's talk about the fly park observation deck if you are scared of heights you probably should go here because this place is a beautiful tower, there's a big sighting when you go all the way up to the top of the observation deck, you will have so much fun and you can chill on this tower and take lots of pictures. Next up for your adventure in Singapore is Chinatown you can eat lots of Chinese food and look at the beautiful town at night because the night in Chinatown you get to see everything in the light and it is honestly just beautiful. The next fun thing you can do is go to the Singapore flyer where you can go on a ferris wheel but the thing you go in is huge and multiple people can go inside of it and you take pictures here as well because you can see the garden and the bay from outside of the Ferris wheel this is something you should check put while going to Singapore.

Sentosa island is a great place to relaxe and do some yoga in the morning you can also take a run in the morning.

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