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Upcoming Friday Night Lights

Image By AES CC-BY

Friday Night Lights (FNL) is this upcoming Friday the 25th; it is basically when high schoolers and some 8th graders from the MESAC team show their progress at the end of the MESAC season.

The season two FNL will have the following games: Basketball, Soccer, Cross Country, and Tennis. Friday Night Lights will begin around 4:00 PM and most of the games last for about an hour.

Do you like Food? Mainly BBQ? Well, guess what. There will also be a BBQ throughout the whole thing. So if you feel hungry grab some delicious food to eat and enjoy.

If you want to go to Friday Night Lights, remember these things. Make sure you have an old enough relative accompanying you while watching, follow safety precautions by wearing a mask at all times, staying 6 feet away from everyone, and sanitizing your hands. And finally, have fun.

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