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Upcoming MS Social

Finally, the MS social is happening after two years! The MS Social is an event where most middle school students come together and hang out. The Social will happen from 3:45 pm - 5:45 pm on May 13. But you have to be at the social until it ends if you attend to ensure safety.

At the social, you can expect to dance to fantastic songs. You can eat delicious snacks and food, play some games, chill with your friends, and finally go to a photo booth to take silly photos with your friends. And you can also watch movies in the movie zone!

If you want to attend ASA and the MS social both, do not worry. All ASAs are canceled during the day, so you can join the event instead of your ASAs.

This event is beach-themed. All the activities will be related to Beaches. The dress code is summer clothes. You will feel like you in a beach with all the decorations. If you are interested and excited about this fantastic socializing event, please come and enjoy it with your friends!

Image by AES cc/by

image by PxHere CC/BY

Image by AES cc/by

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