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Usain Bolt Caught Speeding?

What do you think are the fastest living things on the Earth? You might know the slow animals are turtles or sloths. You might know the fast animals are cheetahs or ostriches. Let’s see the fastest animals, birds, fish and humans.

The fastest human

The fastest human in the world is Usain Bolt. He was born in Jamaica. His fastest speed is 44km/h (23.34mph) - over 30km/h! I wonder: Is it illegal for Usain Bolt to run at a 30km speed limit?

Image by Mr. Currey CC-BY

Usain Bolt in 30km/h limit

According to police, it is not illegal because the 30km/h limit is for being safe from fast cars. However, Mr. Bolt is not a car. So it isn’t illegal for Usain Bolt to go over the 30km limit.

The fastest bird

Let’s come back to the main idea! What is the fastest bird? It is peregrine falcon. Peregrine falcon’s fastest speed is 300km/h (186.4 mph). When it hunts a prey on the land, it makes its body like a rocket and falls down really fast. At that moment, the speed was 300km/h. The prey cannot notice that there is a predator. They are just caught from Falcon.

Image by Wix

The fastest land animal

The fastest animal is as you know, the cheetah. Cheetahs’ fastest speed is 130km/h (80.78mph). The reason that cheetahs can run quickly is that their heart is really big and their spine is like a spring. However, they can run only for 30 seconds. So if you meet a cheetah, then try to run away from the cheetah just for 30 seconds if you can.

Image by Wix

The fastest fish

The fastest fish is sailfish. It is around 3m. The fastest speed is 110km/h (68.35mph). It has a big blue fin (or grey fin). Its speed is recorded in the Guinness World record.

Image: "Sailfish Sails By" by Rob Hughes is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

There are a lot of fast species even though they are not the fastest. Also, there are a lot of species in the deep ocean that we don’t know yet. We need to keep curiosity about nature.

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