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Vainglory Game Review

Vainglory is developed and published by Super Evil Megacorp. So Genre of this game is multiplayer online battle arena or AOS game, and you can play this game in Android and iOS devices. This game is play by third person viewpoint, and while you’re playing the game you can see only inside of viewpoint range. And speaking of the game, there is two teams of 3 players fight against others to destroy enemy base by controlling the path between bases, and both team has total of 5 turret defending base, there is AI minions defending base. Vainglory has total of 10 tiers, also total 3 levels in each tier. If you in tier 1 and you over the bronze, silver and gold level, you can go to tier 2 bronze. You can make your tier more higher in only competitive game. If your tier is more higher than tier 4, you can ban one hero and you can’t pick same character with what your team and opponent team picked.

Vainglory has a lots of game modes, Battle royal, Normal game, Competitive game, Blitz mode and friendship battle. These all play 3v3 without friendship battle.

Battle royale take 13 minutes to finish it, because you can play in only lane and you have to destroy opponent team’s nexus( vain crystal). And you can’t go to jungle, and you can’t chose character, but it is going to be randomly chose by game. On the other hand, there is Blitz game mode, which takes 5 minutes, because your team has to get 15 scores. And here is some basic information about blitz game mode, so If you kill opponent team’s hero, your team will gain 1 point, if you destroy opponent team’s turret your team will gain 3 points, if you kill gold miner, your team will get 3 points and if you kill opponent team gold mine sentry, your team will get 2 points. In game, you can buy items, and Item has total of 3 levels, also you can upgrade items to better one, and you can buy items with gold. Furthermore, you can get gold by killing Kraken, Gold mine, Minions, turrets and opponent team players. Also every seconds you get 5 golds.  After 15 minutes, Kraken is unleashed from cave and your team can kill Kraken. Kraken is enormous and strong monster, but if your team kills Kraken, Kraken change to your team and destroy opponent team’s turrets. Normal game is almost same with competitive game but little bit different about banned heros. Normal game has no banned heroes. In normal game and competitive you can surrender after 15 minutes. But if you want to surrender, you should get all teammates agreements. If any one disagree about surrender, your surrender is not acceptable. Also you can surrender when your teammate is AFK and escaped from game, you can surrender. And you can Declaration when any player make team lose or escaped from game. If you escape the game you’re playing, your karma going bad. Sometimes you get is the subordinate queue or you can’t play game for 30 thirty minutes, an hour, a week, a month or forever.

In game, you can join in guild and team what you want or there leader agrees. Team has rank same as players. But you can make rank only go up when you win game played in 3 player party. You can’t make go up by your own or 2 player party. Guild has level. But guild leveling up is based on reputation point. You can get reputation at end of the game whatever you lose or win. If you play in 3p player party or 2 player party, you can get much more.

In store, you can buy heros and make skins. When you finish game, you get glories that is one way to buy heros. Also you can buy with ice. You can get ice from daily chest or unknown box. But you can’t buy skins with glory. You can buy skins with ice, make with cards, make with opal or get from the mystery chest. Each hero has total 3 levels of skin, rare, advance and legendary. Skin ice price also different as level. Also you can make skins with cards, you can get cards from free chest, card chest and mystery chest. You can make make advance skin after make rare skin and you can make legendary skin after make advance skin. If you want make rare, you should get much of Also you can buy boosts in shop. Boost has experience 2x boost, glory 2x boost, sunlight gauge amplification. But you can buy those boosts with only ices.

Vainglory graphic is very best in mobile games. All of the background and 3D was very detailed. Vainglory is best AOS game, difference modes, a lots of heros and a lot of skins. Also vainglory graphic is best in mobile games.

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