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Weekend Reads

Are you ever tired of watching TV on the weekends? Do you want to try something more constructive in your daily life? If so, then try out this weekend’s book! The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan, is about three demigods with parents that are Greek gods. These three teens are sent on a quest to save one of the Greek gods, and if they fail to be successful, an evil power deep between the earth that could doom humanity, will be unleashed.

The journey will engage you, and the small humour will make you laugh. If you liked the Percy Jackson series or enjoy fantasy and fiction, then this will be just the book for you. This book will attach you to the series and you will find yourself reading all of the books.

Campbell says, “The way he writes… it’s just amazing, he just hooks you into the story.” This book will leave you confused and mystified at moments as it has mystery in it and you will want to know more and more about these unknown characters.

Another thing about this book that will keep you busy is that there is five books and Rick Riordan has wrote two similar series about mythology and these books are great for fan fiction writing. This book can give you many ideas for your own writing and is a great book.

This book has a great mixture of fiction, fantasy, and young adult situations for drama to enter the book and will be a great level for most middle schoolers in all grades. Are you going to stop watching TV now? You know what to do!

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