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Weekend reads

Are you bored? Do you need to stop watching TV and start doing something more productive? If so check out this weekend’s book, The Land of Stories, by Chris Colfer.

In The Land of Stories, two twins, Alex and Carter, fall into their grandmother’s story book. When they fall in, they find that they are in an alternate dimension called the Land of Stories where fairy tales are real.

Chris Colfer has not only created an action packed novel, he also added, funny and emotional scenes throughout the book. USA Today said, “There’s more in Colfer’s magic Kingdoms than Disney has dreamt of.”

Another great reason t give this book a read is that there are five more books in the series. If you like to write fan fiction, these are the books for you, and there are so many cool ideas to work with! As a fan of this series, I can truthfully say The Land of Stories is an amazing mix of fairy tales and young adult literature, perfect for anyone who just wants a fun book with a great reading level for most middle schoolers.

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