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Weekend Reads

Do you ever get bored on the weekends? Wondering if you should start a new series? Or maybe just read your go to book. I am happy to announce the start of a new Direct Message series, Weekend Reads. This feature will include reviews of books and shows and movies and is here to help you find ways to fill your weekends.

This week’s book is The Thing About Jellyfish. This book is about a girl named Suzy Swanson who knows all of these cool things that most people don’t. Sadly, on a vacation during summer, her friend dies in an accident. Others said it was because she drowned, but Suzy thinks otherwise. She tries to find out the truth about how her friend died but realizes that she already has the answers back home.

“Definitely one of the most interesting and exciting books I’ve ever read.” – Ella from 7th grade

Have you read this book before? Would you recommend it? Please comment down below what you think about The Thing About Jellyfish, and other books you like to see reviewed!

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