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Welcome 7th grade!

This 7th grade. The middle of middle school. A time when you don’t have to worry about adjusting to a new setting or worrying about high school. Unless you are a new student to AES. Then you do have to worry about a new setting and new people. Many of the new students may be wondering, “Should I go talk to those people?” or, “Should I sit with these people?” Lucky for us newbies (yes, this is my first year), two very gracious students that are returning to AES have kindly shared advice so you can easily adjust to the new environment.

Amritha D. says, “Be confident and talk to more people!” Don’t be shy just because you don’t know other students. Stretch your boundaries become friends this people from all over the world.

Sophie K., in her second year at AES says to “not let other people tell you who to be friends with. Make your own opinions and to be friends with who you want to be friends with.” Make friends! Make sure to be you in front of them, and not someone else, but don’t let those friends dictate who else should be your friend. Making friends might feel like a test, to see if people like you, to see if you should change to get someone to like you. But it is not a test, it is a trial run, to see who you get along with and who you will…well…not get along with.

And one more piece of advice from me to you: The teachers and students will help you, so don’t be afraid to ask. AES is a very fun and accepting community, I hope you all think so as well.

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