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Why does MUN have so much homework?

This week, a lot of 8th graders are traveling for MESAC to the Middle East. But next week, 15 middle schoolers will be traveling to Malaysia. You wonder why? Well, because next week is going to be the MUN trip for which students have been preparing from February.

You might have friends who are going on this trip, and if you do- you have probably heard them complaining about the work. Personally, I keep whining about the work too. There is just so much research you have to do. It’s not only preparing for the trip, it is also being prepared for your ongoing class. Generally, we debate one topic in detail for about a month. However, we are going to debate 1 topic every class for this whole month. What the heck!

Malaysian Model United Nations, or MYMUN is the name of the conference we are going to. Last year, we went for the same conference and had to research 2 topics. But this time we have to study 4! With POP, science projects, assessments and other commitments, how are we expected to finish all this work?

It just seems insane! But yet, we had 3 different classes for MUN this year instead of the normal 2 throughout the year. Next year, we have more students signing up for this class. What about this class is getting more and more students to join? What is it?

To know the answer to that question, stay updated and keep checking our blog.

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