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World Language Week French

Bonjour! Today was the French Bake sale for World language week. There was from Mousse de chocolat, to chocolate truffles, to croissants, to crepes! The French classes were already ready to make the best French food ever. As a 7th grader who had taken French I can know this very well. Now French food is mostly famous for their breads and pastries. But this French class was ready to make more than just that. The classes had made French toast, strawberry covered with chocolate, keesh, merengues and so much more. As one of the people behind the counter it was no lie that there was a lot of people. I mean who wouldn’t want to eat good food.

Photo credit: Maureen Cullen

There was so much food yet all of it except a few goods were sold. I don’t even know how much money we had received. At first the bake sale had started at higher prices. But soon the prices dropped to 10 rupees for everything. This system turned out successful during sale as everyone rushed to get food. Also when things were almost sold out they would announce it so that immediately the kids would go straight to the counter to buy something. If you didn’t call the French bake sale successfully then I don’t know what successful means. All the money will go to charity. Let’s hope we make more money than last year. Merci beacoup for coming! As for who will make the best sale we have no idea…

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