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Opinion: Adventure Day was the best day of WOW

Do you think that adventure day was the best day of WOW? If not, keep reading, because here are three reasons to change your mind!

Number one: We had a lot more time to do things that day because even though we had to be at the school at 6 AM to get there, we had about 10 hours to do things, but during the days around Delhi and in school, there were only about 7 hours, which meant longer mealtimes, and a lot more time for fun activities!

Number two: There may not have been as many activities, but they were better(in my opinion) and more prolonged than on other days. Rock climbing was my favorite! The rappelling was even better, though, at least for those of us who tried it :)

Number three: There was a lot of social interaction time, which fostered on the bus rides and during activities and meals, and just being out in nature, in general, was just a fantastic experience and helped people to bond with their fellow students.

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