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Benefits of Sports and Exercises

Given today's inactive lifestyle and rising health concerns, the significance of 

sports and exercise can’t be underestimated. Mandatory sports and exercise programs in all schools are not a suggestion but a necessity for the overall well being and development of students, as they offer crucial benefits such as enhanced physical health, elevated self esteem, development of pivotal life skills (through team sports), peer bonding, and better mental health and academic performance.

Firstly, mandatory participation in sports and exercise fosters physical health

and well being for students. As childhood obesity and related health issues such as diabetes are becoming more prevalent, daily physical activity becomes vital. By blending sport and exercise into the school curriculum, students are not only encouraged but are required to participate in physical activities, which diminishes the health risks and promotes a healthier lifestyle. Moreover, better physical health could also mean enhanced self esteem. As students increasingly become more self conscious, their physical well being could significantly improve their confidence.

Secondly, participation in sports develops necessary life skills and traits for

personal and professional success. Through team sports, students learn the importance of cooperation, communication, team work, leadership, and resilience. The skills they learn through these sports are transferable to various parts of their life, including their academic life, and professional careers. Moreover, team sports foster the bonding of peers. Through these physical activities, they learn to understand and respect one another and develop a sense of belonging, which is imperative for holistic development.

Lastly, stress is the biggest bane of modern humans and exercise is one of its most effective antidotes. Students these days battle a lot of stress due to academic pressure and cutthroat competition. Youngsters who are involved in physical activities can cope better with anxiety. Exercising stimulates brain function with the release of dopamine, also known as the happy hormone; which then plays a significant role in improving the mental state of youngsters. Hence, children and adolescents should be required to participate in sports at school.

In conclusion, even though anything compulsory makes it more repulsive, for the long-term benefit of students, schools should make sports and exercise mandatory.

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