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AES Music Festival

Did you know that there was a Music Festival in February? Do you even know what a Music Festival is? Well, the ASIAC Music Festival was a big event with students from AES, ASC,ASB.

The purpose of the Music Festival was for students to socialize and make new friends by playing music together. Students not only played music to socialize, but also did various activities and workshops such as playing ice-breakers games, making homemade instruments, composing with music technology, and playing in small ensembles.

Photo by Ms. Bolton CC-BY

Ms. V is the string teacher and she said that, “Planning the music festival involved quite a few Saturday morning meetings with all the music teachers from AES, ASC and ASB. The idea was to find a way that students could be engaged and motivated in a festival that had an online format unlike the traditional in person one. As teachers we wanted the festival to be meaningful and a collaborative experience for our students. Because of this, we decided to offer a number of activities that students could choose from, including: Small Ensembles, Instrument making, Electronic music and Coffee House performances.”

Playing music and ice breaker games helped me have a great time and If I could participate again next year and play a piece of music in a small ensemble, I wouldn’t regret it.

Photo by Ms. Bolton CC-BY

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