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ASIAC Table Tennis

Photo credit: Nisha Sethi

Photo credit: Nisha Sethi

It’s a competition to some but for others it is war. A table of play to them sounds like an arena. For some it is the beginning that counts, but to others it’s the finish that declares the truth. For some it is the experience, for others it is the skills. For some it feels like an opportunity to shine, and for others it is the moment they had been waiting for. Smash, Block, Spin — simple tactics that sound like invasion plans.

This is ASIAC!

Photo credit: Nisha Sethi

Photo credit: Nisha Sethi

A journey of learning has brought them here. Now. To this deadly competition that they need to finish. Opponents were everywhere from the beginning. Some were people, others were . Some were with the thirst of proving themselves and others were ready to try. Their journey hadn’t started on that airplane. It had started way before when they needed to be those 4 who would be part of the championship. Only 4 boys and 8 girls would make it to this final challenge in the southern tip of India. The Bombay girls had quit to the championship. That is why there were 2 girls teams.

Photo credit: Nisha Sethi

Photo credit: Nisha Sethi

Bombay school.They needed to win this tournament. He was hard to beat but even then the ASIAC crew won the tournament. Congratulations to Tanush, Vikram, Arjun ,Aarav, Veeda, Nora, Anya, Maya, Arshi, Sanna, Aananya and mohavi. Boys first, team 1 girls first, team 2 girls second. Congrats! CHAMPIONS ALWAYS! Check down below for some table tennis action

“The practices were really good because they were inclusive but competitive” A 7th grader who tried out

“I got to meet people from different schools” Arshi


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