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Become a Gold Medalist! Join MESAC

Photo From MESAC Website

You have probably heard about MESAC a competitive competition between 6 teams. These teams compete in different sports to become the best school in the subject in the year. The teams competing in MESAC are AES, DAA, ACS Dragons, and ACS Falcons. 

Photo From MESAC Webstie

There are 3 seasons and each season has a different subject you compete 


Manu is an 8th grader who competed in MESAC football he says “You get to meet new people you have never met before you get lots of time spending time with people and get to build relationships with others. Also, you get lots of time to play sports and the best thing is that you get to skip school.”

MESAC is a really fun thing to do in high school however, AES allows 8th graders to participate in the activities which appealing thing to do as an 8th grader and even though you don’t make the team, with better experience you will be better the next year. By joining the team you can show your skills and compete for a medal. By joining you could improve your skills and also make new friends!

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