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Black And Gold Day – The Start Of Spirit Week

Black and gold day started out with the parade of the teams that are playing the ASIAC tournament. There was a group of dancers and musicians leading the parade followed by Mr. and Ms. T, our Mascots, and behind them, the teams. The students cheered loudly but they cheered the loudest for our school. As the teams were passing under the bridge, there were balloons being thrown down at them.

Throughout the day, lots of kids went to the ASIAC games, especially during the last period. Whenever our team scored we would all cheer. At the end of the day, black and gold day went very well.

A lot of the students were showing their spirit by coming to school in the school colors, black and gold. If you were at the field, you could see that most of the people sitting in the stands were wearing black and gold and cheering on the AES and Tigers teams.

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