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COVID-19 Impacts Many People in Many Ways

Recently the number of COVID-19 cases have been rapidly increasing around the world and this is causing many effects to people.

Seniors are basically done for the year. They were scheduled to finish classes by April 26th - the currently scheduled restart date.

Online only students are having a better experience because more students are online with them and teachers are able to focus just on the online classes.

High School mock IB exams were cancelled. There is a possibility that all IB exams could be cancelled if they cannot be conducted safely in person. This can be very crucial to high schoolers because it will affect their scores of applying to a university.

Students in practical classes (art, PE, makerspace, music) do not have access to the materials that they did have on campus. Some have projects they were working on that are now in limbo. Band rehearsals that had been scheduled for Wednesdays after MAP have been cancelled.

Lower elementary students who cannot read proficiently and have a lot of play-based and socialization focused activities are now missing out on those experiences.

MAP testing has been cancelled.

According to one website, students have shown smaller learning gains compared to the learning before the pandemic issues. With this research, it shows that teachers' jobs have changed dramatically too.

Tens of millions of people are at risk of falling into extreme poverty because of the economic and social disruption due to the pandemic.

Some people are getting affected differently. Their mental health is deteriorated because isolation and bereavement are triggering the mental conditions.

Because of their deteriorated mental health people are facing increased amounts of alcohol and drugs which causes more anxiety.

The pandemic does not only have negative effects but it also has positive effects such as to the environment. The skies are getting more clear and bluer because of the fewer numbers of cars which caused the traffic to plummet.

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