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Double Dub for AES!

The ASIAC 2018 tennis tournament was hosted by the American School of Bombay. Sweat pours out of our perseverant players while they were fighting for each point. Watching our tennis players represent our school and chase for every ball is something that I was proud of.

Source: ASB Photographer

On the first day of the tournament, our tennis team played 32 games and won 31 out of 32 games and had 158 points at the end of the day. I couldn’t believe that we were 72 points ahead of second place American International School of Chennai!

Source: ASB Photographer

I asked 3 of our tennis players about their highlights on the tournament.

I talked to 1st seed girls Anika about her highlights and overall experience on the tournament: “The best moment of ASIAC Tennis for me was when my teammates and I hung out as a “whole team” cheering each other on, putting ice down each other’s backs and joking around with each other.”

Source: ASB Photographer

2nd seed boys Brian told me about his interesting comeback against a tough opponent. “My highlight of the tournament was when I played a really close singles match against 2nd seed AISC Chennai. He was 40-0 points ahead and leading 4-3 game wise. If he won one more point, he would have beaten me. I pushed myself and focused on the game, miraculously I scored 4 (40) points in a row and one was an ace serve. Then we went into a tiebreaker which was first to 5. If I had the power to go back into time, I would make sure that rather than trying to ace the guy, I should try to get the serves over the net because my mistake was that I kept trying to ace him so I double faulted the whole time and pretty much gave him away free points. So if I just didn’t serve that hard the match wouldn’t have been a close match.”

Source: ASB Photographer

I talked to 4th seed boys Denzel about his intense game on the tournament. “My highlight was the last doubles point against Chennai seed 3 & 4 with my partner Avanka. Winner takes the match point, 4-4 tie breaker. Chennai won the point and the rally took about 35 shots but it was the best rally of the tournament for the opposition and I. Both teams were satisfied with their performance at the end of the point. I should try to relax more next time because when i’m nervous, I tend to hit balls outside but if i’m relaxed, I hit the ball inside more.”

Source: ASB Photographer

At the end of the tournament, The AES tennis team ended as Champions and had a whopping total of 231 points! 88 points ahead of 2nd place American International School of Chennai. To find out more results on the tournament, make sure to click this link to the google spreadsheet and check out the ASIAC Volleyball article written by Eduard. 

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