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Exit Interviews: Ms. Strever

Photo by John Bottheim CC/BY

It is the end of the school year which means that we will soon have to say goodbye to a few of our favorite teachers. This year, 13 middle school teachers are leaving or moving out of the middle school. Over the final weeks of school, The Direct Message will post an ‘Exit Interview’ that we conducted with each of these educators.

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Ms. Strever

6 Years at AES: 2016-2022

Next Stop: Singapore, Singapore American School

How many years you have been at AES and what were those years:

I started working at AES in 2016, and have been a part of AES for 6 years.

What will you miss most about AES?

I will definitely miss the people. I have the BEST job, I get to teach fantastic students that bring me so much joy as well as teach alongside incredible colleagues.

What is the best part about being a teacher at AES?

AES is such a special place. From the moment I walked on campus, I could sense that people loved working here. The students are great to teach, the facilities are gorgeous, and you are in Delhi which is in the heart of the most diverse country I have ever been a part of.

Additionally, AES has provided me with so much growth as a teacher, and the fact that I could continue to learn while teaching here has been a highlight for me.

What are your plans for next year and what are your thoughts about this next step? (Please include where you will be and your work plan, if applicable.)

Next year I will be moving to Singapore and will be working at Singapore American School. I will be a middle school Digital Design teacher and teach Photography and Digital Art. I am looking forward to exploring a new place, and I hear Singapore has amazing food! Also, I think my dog Aloo will enjoy all the beaches and walking paths Singapore has.

How do you hope your students and colleagues will remember you?

I hope that people remember me for being a passionate teacher.

What message would you like to leave for the community at AES?

Thank you to all who have helped shape me to who I am today, I am forever grateful to AES and this incredible community.


What students had to say


Anonymous, Grade 8

What is your favorite moment with this teacher?

I will remember how excited she always was to teach us about a new topic and how much I learned in her class. I will remember how she taught us to take a photo with all the composition elements. I will remember the classroom filled to the brim with work from past classes. Furthermore, I will remember when she taught us how to incorporate themes during the peace project that I spent way too much time on just trying to decide on my image. I remember taking too many photos during spring break because I enjoyed her class and was excited to learn new photography techniques.

What makes this teacher unique?

Ms. Strever is unique because she is so energetic. Every time I walked into her class she would always be filled with excitement as if teaching a class was her source of energy like it was never monotonous and always new. Like every class was is a completely new world just waiting to be seen. Like every class was a surprise to her even as she taught it. I felt she was seeking to learn and understand the students, every student in every class.

Aiden, Grade 7

What is your favorite moment with this teacher?

I will remember about the time when I did the old style photographs and put it on a cloth I think

What is a funny/memorable story about this teacher?

I will remember how she always played music and made the time more fun

What makes this teacher unique?

What makes Ms. Street unique is how she took us on a fun field trip and always made class fun

Rishi, Grade 8

What is your favorite moment with this teacher?

What I really remember and will make me laugh every time time I think about it is when she was trying to teaching us Hindi.

What makes this teacher unique?

She was a teacher who always had positive energy and she was a great teacher.

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