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Flooding in Korea

Right now in the world, because of climate change, there is a lot of flooding. Korea is one such place. A few weeks ago, in one apartment’s underground parking lot, at night the water flooded from the exit - everybody in the parking lot was very surprised. They tried to get out, but unfortunately, all but two people were killed in the tragedy.

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When some people went to take a car out of the parking lot, the water splashed in. So when the rescuers arrived, first few hours they couldn’t find a person. But after 13 hours, one person came out of the parking lot. And after two hours from the first person, a second person came out. The builder of this apartment said the hollow in the top of the parking lot may have saved those 2 people. One of the two people saved climbed on the pipe at the top of the parking lot and waited for help to arrive. The woman was determined to see her son after rescuing him.

So, first, she and her son came to the parking lot to take a car to the surface, but water came in, so she send her son to go out. So she believed that she can meet her son after getting rescued. But after two hours of rescuing the woman, her son was founded dead.

Usually, when we think of climate change, we think only of the temperature going up. Buy this is an example of the real consequences of the change. The earth’s temperature is going up and it is raining a lot more than last year. So flooding is happening more often which is resulting in more tragedy across the globe.

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