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Game Review: Blox Fruits

“Welcome to Blox Fruits! Become a master swordsman or a powerful Blox Fruit user as you train to become the strongest player to ever live. You can choose to fight against tough enemies or have powerful boss battles while sailing across the ocean to find hidden secrets.” — Blox Fruits Game Description

(The image shows Starter Island where the player first spawns in)

Welcome to this Game Review! Today I will be covering a game that has gained popularity among some students in our middle school. Blox Fruits is one of Roblox’s most popular games based on the anime “One Piece” and it has a lot to offer. You can train to max level and fight other players in PVP or sail the seas to fight beasts lurking within. While the game has gotten a reputation due to its popularity, it can also be VERY pay-to-win (in my opinion). Players can buy permanent fruits with Robux to be able to switch to their fruit powers anytime. While other players have to work hard to get good fruits that are not even permanent. 

Here are some game facts for you:

  • The current max level is 2550

  • The game has many codes that can give you a limited time of 2x XP which will be very useful later in the game when level grinding gets really boring (level 1700-2550)

  • “Current fruits in the game: Rocket, Spin, Chop, Spring, Bomb, Smoke, Spike, Flame, Falcon, Ice, Sand, Dark, Diamond, Light, Rubber, Barrier, Ghost, Magma, Quake, Buddha, Love, Spider, Sound, Phoenix, Portal, Rumble, Pain, Blizzard, Gravity, Mammoth, T-Rex, Dough, Shadow, Venom, Control, Spirit, Dragon, Leopard, Kitsune.” — Blox Fruits game description.

  • A very good way to win in PVP is by creating a one-shot combo which is a combination of moves from fighting styles, guns, swords, or fruit abilities that can trap your opponent in a combo where you kill them easily.

  • You can choose between the “Pirates” and the “Marines” team after joining the game. Players who choose Marines get the perks of getting cheaper boats and will be allied with other Marines meaning other Marines cannot kill you. Marine is recommended while you are grinding so you don’t lose any bounty on Pirates. Pirates get to make crews with other players and are not allied with anyone unless they request to be allied. This means most PVP players use Pirates to kill players on Marines and Pirates teams. 

  •  Races in Blox Fruits give you special abilities aside from your fruit. The current races in the game are Human, Shark, Angel, Mink, Ghoul, and Cyborg. Human is the default race you are given upon joining the game, you can change your race and even upgrade it to make your abilities stronger in the Second Sea. Human, Shark, Mink, and Angel can be randomly rolled to you from an NPC for a certain amount of 2500 fragments. Ghoul and Cyborg races have required sidequests. Some examples of these races’ abilities are: Angel being able to fly if you unlock its version 4 abilities. Shark allows you to swim in water and gives you more HP and shield making you very tanky. Human doesn’t have really good defense but has some insane attack buffs making it very good for PVP.

(The image shows The Kingdom of Rose where the player first spawns in The Second Sea)

The game has its highs and its lows. So in order to give you the best experience and tips with the game, I have created a list of questions and I have asked students in our middle school who are playing or have played the game to give their opinions.


Would you like to share your name or stay anonymous? (Write your name down if you want to share it)

What do you like the most about Blox Fruits?

What do you think needs the most improvement in the game?

What are your opinions on the game's PVP system?

Would you recommend Blox Fruits to other students in our middle school?

Do you think the game involves too much grinding? Why?

What is your favorite fruit?

What are your best tips for beginners?

Anything else?

Here is our first response:

Name: Max 

What do you like the most about Blox Fruits?: The thing I like the most about Blox Fruits is how interactive it is. 

What do you think needs the most improvement in the game?: The toxic players

 What are your opinions on the game's PVP system?: I really like the game's PVP system and I think that there should only be one way to get bounty but I don't really like how people can join when other people are fighting to steal kills.

Would you recommend Blox Fruits to other students in our middle school?: Yes I would recommend Blox Fruits to other Middle School Students. 

Do you think the game involves too much grinding? Why?: Yes I think that it involves too much grinding because the grinding is usually what makes people stop playing the game.

What is your favorite fruit?: My personal favorite fruit is Portal because of its transportation. Most second-sea players say it's bad because they don't know that it is a support fruit 

What are your best tips for beginners?: My best tip is don't discourage yourself keep grinding and don't always look for people to help you because when you get to Second Sea the game changes drastically. 

Anything else?: Don't think about it as a competition too much because that could hurt the fun of playing the game just play the game and have fun

I decided to do the survey myself so you can find out my opinion.

Here is our second response:


Name: Raghav

What do you like the most about Blox Fruits?: I really like that there are so many things to grind for and just in general the way they have added trading, pvping and grinding so when you get bored of one, you can always go to the next

What do you think needs the most improvement in the game?:

I think that the way they have made the grinding needs to be improved, like at Cake Land there are like 200 levels you are stuck there and it gets really boring doing the same island over and over again.

What are your opinions on the game's PVP system?:

When it comes to PVP, the game really needs to improve on teamers, and kill stealing, like for example, when pvping, they should instantly remove the ally option and if someone was to die, the person who did the most and highest damage should get the kill, not the one who had the finishing move.

Would you recommend Blox Fruits to other students in our middle school?:

Yes, I would but I would mainly recommend it to the people who are ready to grind this game out.

Do you think the game involves too much grinding? Why?:

I think that the game does involve too much grinding, first of all, without 2x xp, I don't think I would have survived,  the way they have structured the XP is that per quest you get one level and that needs to change and maybe more or they should just decrease the max level, idk but something has to be done

What is your favorite fruit?:

My favorite fruit is Portal or Buddha, with portal its OP with movement and PVP, but when I need to grind, I need me my Buddha, it just makes everything so much easier it makes you bigger and increases your defense and range.

What are your best tips for beginners?:

My tip for beginners would be to not focus on fruits until the Second Sea, use your melee, or just get Saber at a low level It is the best sword in the game.

Anything else?: I am max level, currently 5m bounty on my road to 30m bounty (there is a 30m bounty cap on both pirate and marine).

Here is our third response:


Name: Anonymous 

What do you like the most about Blox Fruits?: I like it when people die.

What do you think needs the most improvement in the game?: I think they can improve grinding because the game involves too much grinding.

What are your opinions on the game's PVP system?: I like it.

Would you recommend Blox Fruits to other students in our middle school?: I would recommend the game but keep in mind that the amount of grinding to max level can be overwhelming.

Do you think the game involves too much grinding? Why?: Yes because getting to max level takes too long and when you do get there, you still need to do a lot of other things.

What is your favorite fruit?: Rocket

What are your best tips for beginners?: 

My tips are that the best fruit in First Sea (lvl 0-700) is Light because of the low mastery, the damage output, and the easy flight option. For the Second Sea, it would be Buddha because all the islands are kinda of close together it has good damage and is good for other things, overall same for the Third Sea. Bounty hunting I would not do that until you are max lvl and use powerful weapons, also try to learn a combo or two because that will change the outcome of a fight. I think that the angel race is the best because it allows you to have high healing abilities and it allows you to fly when in v4 and besides that have fun.

Here is our final response 

Name: Anonymous 

What do you like the most about Blox Fruits? I think the game itself has a good way of keeping its players by making the start of the game feel satisfying to progress through. I love the variety of weapons such as guns and fighting styles, you can use allowing you to play the game in different styles.

What do you think needs the most improvement in the game? I think they need to make the UI more advanced, for one of Roblox's most popular games its UI isn’t as good as some other Roblox games that are not as popular. The game does have great high-quality attacks that you can use from fruits, guns, and swords.

What are your opinions on the game's PVP system? I like the idea of players being able to fight each other and claim a higher bounty (max bounty is 30 million). But one thing that seems kind of unfair, is that a way to motivate players to grind bounty is through “Bounty Buffs” which give you a higher attack and defense percentage depending on how high your bounty is. So if you were a 2.5 million bounty player going up against a 25 million bounty hunter, it most likely would not end well.

Would you recommend Blox Fruits to other students in our middle school? Depends! Blox Fruits is a really grindy game meaning you need a lot of time on your hands which many students don’t have due to outside-of-school activities like ASIAC or ASA’s. The game also has some really toxic communities so it can feel frustrating to be grinding levels just for a 30 million bounty hunter to come to kill you just for fun and then spam “ez” in the chat after killing you.

Do you think the game involves too much grinding? Why? The most grindy part of the game for me was the first 700 levels and after becoming max level and having to do things like maxing my mastery on fighting styles and doing sidequests for swords. I think that players that have a lot of time on their hands can grind out the game but players that don’t can just go at their own pace to enjoy the experience.

What is your favorite fruit? My favorite fruit is the light fruit because it was my 2nd fruit and I have the most fun memories with light as I flew around the first sea killing enemies with my abilities. It is a very good grinding fruit for the first 700 levels but I recommend the Buddha fruit for grinding beyond level 700.

What are your best tips for beginners? Do your research before playing the game, it's best to know as much as you can so you don’t make any noobie mistakes. Use the compass on the left side of your screen to see where your next quest is. Try and obtain the light fruit if your a beginner.

(The image shows Castle On The Sea, a hub location where the player can travel to in the Third Sea)

That raps it up for this Game Review. My overall rating for this game is a solid 8/10, its graphics, its PVP system, and the level system can very much be improved but overall I enjoyed playing through the game. Hope you learned a thing or two about Blox Fruits and if you ever decide to play the game then you have some basic knowledge about the game.

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I respectfully disagree, i have played the game for a while, and after level ~50 is it got too boring, better items just do more damage. I will give more reasons in the future. Even when not grinding, the game gets boring as new weapons just do more damage. The only really fun thing that happened in the game is that as a marine, I stole a pirate player's boat (or should I say I confiscated it lol)

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karanjot, you played till level 50 and got bored. So did i but once i started grinding the game i started enjoying it more and more. Please dont make statements if you do not have the prior knowledge or are a newer player to the game

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