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How a Coach’s Dream Came True

Photo Credit: American International School of Chennai

Photo Credit: American International School of Chennai

The ASIAC soccer season just finished, but the lessons the girls teams learned will last for years. Jason Coleman, coach of Team Tigers and Joshua Babcock, coach of Team AES worked hard with us. Unfortunately since the tournament got postponed, Coach Babcock was unable to travel with us, so Coach Coleman took his place and coached both teams.

Coach Coleman has for eight years hoped that both his girls teams would meet each other in the ASIAC finals. Would this be the year his dream came true?

On the second day of the ASIAC soccer tournament in Chennai, each team had three matches to play. To play each other in the finals, each team had to win all three of their matches.

With a clear goal in mind, both teams won all three matches setting up a showdown against each other in the finals.

Just before the match started, both teams practiced together, making plans until the referee blew his whistle.

Mr. Coleman somehow managed to coach both teams, urging all of us to play our best instead of thinking about the outcome. Both teams shook hands and walked to their positions on the field.

The referee blew his whistle. Both team’s aspired to score a goal in the first half but the score remained 0-0. Coach Coleman talked to both teams about keeping possession in the match at halftime.

Five minutes into the second half, Team Tigers scored. Ten minutes later, Team Tigers struck again with another goal, which lead them to victory.

The expression on Coach Coleman’s face was jubilant. In his eight years of coaching, this was the first time he was able to watch both his teams play in the finals.

Not only did we get first and second place, we achieved: Sportsmanship, fitness, possession, and lastly we had fun!

Thanks Coach Coleman and Coach Babcock. You taught us how to play the right way.

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