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Humans of Middle School: Bethany

"I have a dog, her name is Merry. She was born on December 25th, that’s Christmas day. As you know, we say Merry Christmas on Christmas day. So her name is Merry. A year before, My house was under construction, so we opened the door to get the workers in. While the door was opened, Merry left out the house. I didn’t even know that she left out, and I was all over the place because there were so many workers in my house. At that time, Merry got bitten by local dogs. Her side was all bitten. Fortunately, the vet found her bit by them and brought her to the vet’s home. When I realized that Merry is disappeared, I went out and tried to find her. Someone who’s living near my home told me that the vet brought her to the vet’s home. So I just followed my neighborhood and found her. That day, my mom and I got shocked and cried. I hope this would never happen again."

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