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Humans of Middle School: Mckenna

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Image by Mckenna / CC-BY

“Something that makes me excited is going back to Canada and Seeing my family. Something that makes me sad is when I finish a good book. Something that makes me angry is when I get a grade that I don’t like. My friend would be surprised if they found out that I liked to play cards a lot, they don’t know that. I would want to travel to Paris because I had always had an Infatuation with the Eiffel Tower, and I dont know it’s just been a lifelong dream of mine. My dream job is a psychologist because I want to help people in need, um and I want to be a doctor but not in the way that you give medication, like I want to be able to help people mentally. I would like to learn the cello as a personal skill. If I had to write a book the genre would be realistic fiction.”

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