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Humans of Middle School: Shiv

“I have being doing art for the past 11 years and in my opinion it allows me to be more creative, and any mistakes are considered fun and something new, and because I am learning piano most of my pieces are classical and that’s not my favourite genre. Home- it’s one of the reasons that we moved back to Delhi 11 years ago, it was because we have so much family in Delhi, and also the bright stuff and the amazing food. I would hope that one day in the future everyone is kind and respectful. These are just two words but it has been by far to much of a challenge on past century and before that. If you think about it if you do everything out of kindness and respect then how different would our world be today? I really enjoyed moments of accomplishment, like getting the certificate of academic excellence, getting into Jaipur lit fest and Doha, but most of all I loved the MUN trip to Doha.“

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