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Humans of Middle School:Wooseob

Before coming to India, I didn’t want to go to India, because I had to break up with my Korean friends and for many other reasons, and I thought only good things would be going to international school. However, I ended up on a flight to India. When I arrived at the airport in India, immigration and checking baggage was a little scary, because there were soldiers. There were so many people who were checking their baggage. My perception of India was a dirty country, but it was better than I thought because of the weather outside. And it was nice to see my dad who came to India earlier because of the company work. On the way to my house, I was shocked by animals such as cows on the road, crossing the road without a green light, and sellers on the road. Also it was really unpleasant and uncomfortable when sellers hitted car door. But in the meantime I felt excited, because I heard that AES is a really cool school. But the thing is, I am happy because I am now adapted to all of these things.

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