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Investigation: The Case of the ASIAC Drop Outs

This is a very serious matter, and it’s now turned into a case to investigate: The Case of the ASIAC Drop Outs. What is this very serious investigation? It occurs in almost ALL ASIAC sports every season. Every first practice, kids of different height, skill and mentality come to test out the sport. It’s awesome! The participants then tell their friends (some promise them a bag of Chocos if they come) and they come! This is just incredible for the coaches: every new player means a new hidden talent! Then, the terror comes in. The coaches give a heads up of when they’re going to be post the – drumroll please, add a little suspenseful music in there too:

Teams. This word causes so much anxiety and fret, even excitement (though not comparable to the former). WHY?! This makes no sense. Want to hear the result?

After the teams are announced EVERYONE notices a major change in the people who come to practice: the attendees are cut back in number. The practice in ASIAC Girls Basketball, for example (incredibly fun by the way for those who NEVER came or -ehem- “disappeared”), the sport started out with 34 girls. The next practice around 38, and the next week around half a dozen more. WOW! So what’s all this controversy about? There’s a point in every sport where the coaches post who represents the school in the tournament, and who doesn’t. Unfortunately to some people (emphasizing the “Drop Outs”), announcing the teams decides on whether to not you attend practices, whether or not you want to improve your skills and get better. The teams are announced. The next practice, only 18 attend.

Making a team means you’re coachable, you have the growth mindset and ability to improve. Making a team also means you’re committed. You don’t stop coming because your legs are numb from the Suicides. You don’t stop coming because your name isn’t on that list (I’m talking to many people right there). This is exhausting for everyone. If you can’t put up with the pushing, don’t come. If you can’t put up with the fact that you’re not going to be representing the school, don’t come. There won’t be another next time. (People who have injuries or aren’t able to attend – this ain’t for you. Don’t worry. I’m talking to the ACTUAL Drop Outs – the ones without a reason.)

Fellow Schoolers, the slogan of our school is “Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve”. Fellow Drop Outs, have you been able to serve?

The Case of the ASIAC Dropouts is a very important and humiliating issue at hand. If we don’t solve it now, we may not be able to control it. So speaking on behalf of those who completely despise this issue, please think before you enter and think twice before you serve. It’s time to grow up, and drop in. The Case of the ASIAC Dropouts will be solved: We will catch you… (close with a little descending creepy music, please.)

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