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No ASIAC Sports? No deal. 

Cancelling ASIAC Sports made a lot of people mad. I can’t disagree with them.

Assaf Mamalia, an 9th grader who played in numerous ASIAC sports, had this to say: “Imagine waiting a year for just a few games, those couple of games get canceled…” He is correct. 

We all know the reason why Asiac is cancelled : COVID-19, also known as coronavirus is an infecting disease, deadly to elder people, is a pandemic that has caused chaos. 

The worst part about this change is that it isn’t the school’s fault; it’s the fault of the government.

We all want school back and other social activities and I totally understand it will be hard. Don’t forget about us, we want ASIAC sports and this can happen if we all do COVID-19 tests and not allow spectators. We all wear masks before and after the games, the chances of anything happening are low.

The school didn’t fully cancel ASIAC. They turned it into Esport. I disagree with that choice because, as kids, we need this exercise, we need something that’s not on electronic devices. We can’t keep hiding under our safe place 

Let us know in the comments what you think about the cancelation of ASIAC Sports.

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